Germering and Unterpfaffenhofen in old Ansichten.Lieferzeit: 2-3 weeks (non-binding). The envelope shown can be a representation.

excerpts in the book ‘Germering and Unterpfaffenhofen on old views’69. The biggest farmer was in the village and Simon miracle! around the decrease Pfaffenhofener village road quantity 37. The great-grandfather Mathias miracle! was to spot around the premises on the 1,732th The household sex of wonders! has produced about 100 years Mesner services. Why is the farm given that 1732 in 4 generations ‘Mesner-Hiasl-Güatl’ The old yard, which no longer was a element of Hirschauer premises right after the destruction. The former home was a former Kartoffelbrennerei who had served 50 years as a residence and was canceled 1963rd Inside the image with the yard is 1912, which is not much more. Behind the straw pile is known as a vacant stall having a ‘Czech vault’, was made use of in which no grams of iron.

70th The Demmelhof subsequent towards the Church of St. James was among the oldest and most attractive Bauernhöfc, these days a modern retirement home. The home is declared by the farm owner, some 350 years old. The old farmhouse rnit the landwirtschaf’tlichen outbuildings demolished 1966th Right here you could see the old farm with Grandpa Michael, grandmother Maria, a daughter along with the brother of your father of Joseph. The gable from the court at that time looked on the street side, the front entrance was on the south side. By 1898, a thatched roof was it. The farm basically belonged to a Maria Kellertshofer. 1847 Sebastian Demmel paraphrase reword tool has married. 1944 bombs destroyed the farm, it was rebuilt and later entirely demolished.

71st When ‘Hoamabauern’ Xaver Hötzl, Church Street number 3, we understand that the government of Upper Bavaria has confirmed the time of his pastor Pfeiffer that the ‘Hoamahof’ is 300 years old. There is certainly also a document that is still getting sought. Provided that the house stands, had been constantly ‘Hötzl’ on the house, normally the same name and there is no owner, this can be a rarity. The present owner on the farm also to his operate as a farmer inside a substantial modern day farm, ten years Mesner. In 1931 he took more than the farm and considering the fact that 1970 his son. The old farmer did in 1944, within the bomb destruction of his court, married third wife.72. The ‘Kramerwirt’ saw in his early days like a mini-pub, so around the small image marriages. In later instances, one particular can already see pretty a operation with higher economy, urn 1850. And one hundred years ago, about 1873, there was already a sizable ‘Widman’sche guest husbandry’ at the salt road quantity 24. In 1875, the economy was therefore opened in conjunction with a smaller general shop, the name ‘Zum Kramerwirt’. The Krärnerei was carried until 1896. Within the image we see Father Augustin Widmann and mother Anna with two daughters Rosa and Anna, the host and matron Maria Widmann sen., Born Diepoldsberg from Germering. 1925 a contemporary, larger and well-kept restaurant was constructed right here.

73rd ‘Sedlmeierhof “earlier with’ the old ay ‘written in the salt road quantity 33 has stood for more than 200 years through 4 generations Sun because it seems ahead of us inside the picture. Prior owner was a gender series’ Knoll ‘, so right now, the Residence name’ Knollhof “. In the loved ones Knoll no male heir and also the Knoll daughter was married to Josef Sedlmeier. The grandfather didn’t live towards the bomb destruction on 21 July 1944. Even so, father and son Georg. It has taken a five-hundredweight · bomb within the neighborhood. It has been rebuilt, enhanced and embellished, but in 1972 demolished the whole yard. The old farmer Georg Sedlrneier is now 88 years old and can be noticed on image quantity 57 as a firefighter.74. ‘Hart House’ has long been a wasteland, a single ‘farm in the forest’. Hart Residence will be the eastern district Unterpfaffstall harbor. 150 years ago this farm was surrounded on all sides by forest. Franz Defregger, the famous painter, was provided by King Ludwig Lil these Harthof as a gift, because he portrayed him quite alive and gorgeous as Prince Regent life-size; the image is hanging within the Munich Residence, 1883 Defregger was also knighted; In 1921, he died just the year of death of his patron. This Harthof was also named Defreggerhof; there is also a Defreggerstraße. The farm is no longer so, he is sturdy and changed urngebaut, a single finds at this time a stationery enterprise.

75th The aerial view of Unterpfaffenhofen from 1910 shows the horseshoe-shaped area in the village to the town center around the church. On the perfect will be the village street of Germering Coming, far appropriate beneath the carpentry Ludwig Klotz, then further up the factory constructing of Mannhardt’schen steel corporation, across the meadows closed nowadays Hasenweg, left by means of the village major the old Landsberger Straße, now Sa1zstraße is, the bottom left is the Kramerwirt, the post tavern and Wunderl-farm.76. ‘Holzkirchen on Starzelbach’ which comes from the Allinger Moss was after a Hofmark. The owners have been in 1558 a ‘corporal Sedlhof the monastery polling’ in Weilheim. Considering the fact that 1788 the Hofmark the Noble of Schaab had; from that time the feudal castle wooden churches remained. Now the castle is like only an N gutfundierten farm belonging towards the ‘lock farmers’. A specific attraction was the 1000 year old lime tree at the castle pond, which these days is no greater than a ‘tree old man’. Inside the church there’s an art-historical particularity. a colored glass window The Lord castigated ‘from the year 1522. It could be noticed pastors Schöttl; the image has donated 1,554 pastors Marshal of Unterpfaffenhofen.